Quality Management

Bamburi Special Products is committed to consistently deliver best quality concrete through a rigorous quality management plan that starts from the material selection, production to delivery. Strict quality controls and supplier management ensures that only standard material is used in concrete production. Our accredited laboratory is capable of testing raw materials including the following tests:

  • Particle size distribution & Fineness Modulus
  • Water absorption
  • Specific gravity and Bulk density
  • Clay content- Methylene Blue Value
  • Flakiness Index
  • Los Angeles Abrasion ( LAA)

Our State of the art concrete LafargeHolcim concrete batching software ensures accurate batching and control of all concrete parameters. Our highly trained and experienced team is always present to carry out quality control tests at the plants including: slump/slump retention, flow, plastic density, air content, preparation and testing of strength test specimens.

Standard Product

Emphasis on the high quality customized ready concrete with all benefits of high quality Bamburi products in concrete:

  • Dependable strength -Consistent strength by use of automated batching plants.
  • Conformity- All our concrete classes are manufactured to Kenya standards KS EAS 131 as adopted from EN 206 (European Norm)
  • Optimal raw material optimization – No wastage during batching process
  • Ability to deliver to congested sites


Emphasis on how customer oriented BSP is and that we put the needs and satisfaction of all our clients first For example;

  • working tirelessly to produce and deliver the best quality concrete in the market.
  • In –time delivery to site.
  • Free site surveys and consultations.
  • Superior concrete handling techniques.
  • Provision of technicians for site tests

Value added

  • Environmental standard compliance – No dust pollution by use of bagged cement on site.
  • Time conscious -Plant and equipment adapted to customers project schedule.

Our Products

Bamburi Special Products offers a wide range of standard and value added products within our ready-mix concrete range. These include:

  • High strength concrete C40,C45,C50
  • Self-compacting concrete ( SCC)
  • Bamburi Ultra-Waterproof Concrete (UWPC)
  • Fiber reinforced concrete (FRC)
  • Customer-specified concretes

We are also capable of carrying out specialised tests on concrete:

1. Heat Evolution in mass concrete
Proprietary LH equipment, MeToo™ calorimeter box and data logger, is able to accurately predict concrete thermal signatures in mass applications e.g. rafts.
2. Concrete Permeability tests
Test permeability of concrete mixes by checking capillary movement of water in hardened concrete cubes. This is used to determine performance of waterproof concrete.
2. Self-compacting concrete
Tests including V-funnel, L-box, Flow table.


What our Clients Say.

Bamburi Special Products Limited is a trusted partner. Since I began using the Bamburi Concrete, I have never experienced any under compliance in terms of quality nor their workmanship. The coordination in every department is commendable, from the point of making an order to delivery and after sales service. They not only ensure that the concrete is delivered well and on time, but also that the customer is fully satisfied with the job done. As a customer you know you are cared for and you feel as being part of the Bamburi family. I truly appreciate their services.

Mr. Titus WambuaProject Supervisor - Shanga Engineering

Bamburi Special Products Limited, delivers very high quality concrete. I have been dealing with them for a while now, and I have never experienced a shortfall on the quality.

Mr. Paul MwangiProject Manager - Interfusion Company Limited

We have been partnering with Bamburi Special Products Limited since 2014, using the Bamburi Concrete. With every delivery done, the concrete is perfect. I have never experienced any challenges with the team since everything is run smoothly from the point of ordering to delivery. Their services are simply great.

Mr. John KariukProject manager - Kevian Kenya Limited

Bamburi Special Products Limited, is well renowned in upholding integrity, ethics and quality. I have been dealing with the BSP team for a while now and all the jobs are executed perfectly. I am looking forward to continued business. Bamburi Concrete, anytime, every time.

Mr. John KariukiDirector - Rockworld Engineering LTD

At Bamburi Special Products Limited, quality is of essence. The Ready-Mix Concrete matures very well and very fast. Whenever I am constructing high-rise buildings, I always settle for Bamburi Concrete since the concrete will take a very short time to mature.

Mr. Sam GamimbaProject Manager - Daniel Mutisya Site