Bamburi Mobile Concrete Laboratory

Bamburi Special Products operates a mobile concrete laboratory as a value added service to users of our products to test, innovate, troubleshoot and optimize their operations.

The mobile laboratory was created to conduct all the physical and chemical tests typically needed to analyse cement, aggregate and concrete performance. It provides a wide range of services including:

  • Concrete slump tests
  • Cube specimen preparation
  • Cube crushing
  • Personalized advice on concrete processes

The mobile laboratory is uniquely capable of instantaneously testing materials on site, making it possible to adjust concrete mixes, when necessary to avoid issues during construction.

This is cost effective alternative for our customers to conduct continual and routine performance testing to ensure the quality of materials used for their projects.

Beyond the added flexibility afforded to customers by having the equipment accessible on site, this innovation also provides them access to BSP’s expertise in cement, aggregates and concrete through our technical team managing the lab.

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